<strong>THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE</strong>doc. film
  • Title: There is no better place
  • Year of release: 2018
  • Type: documentaryi film
  • Export: 16:9, h264, c, SI, 22’
  • Directed by: Sandra Ržen 
  • Writen by: Sandra Ržen 
  • DP: Rožle Bregar


Documentary film There is no better place tells a story of the history and the people of Žirovnica. We are following stories of great individuals who were born and who worked in Žirovnica and who all enormously contributed to Slovenian cultural heratige. Those were poets and writters Matija Čop, Fran Saleški Finžgar, Janez Jalen, Anton Janša and Slovenian greatest poet France Prešeren.  

The main roles played by: Zoja Florjanc Lukan, Gašper Klinar, Jernej Hlebanja, Jaka Dolžan, Janez Mulej, Jan Čelesnik. 


Director and scriptwritter: Sandra Ržen 
Director of photography: Rožle Bregar
Speaker: Monika Tavčar
Mask: Petra Hartman
Gafer: Tadej Gorzeti
Asistent CAM: Timotej Vrtnik
Editing: Theo Čož
Sound recording: Aljaž Lukan
Sound design: Igor Djilas
Color grade: Rožle Bregar
Graphics design: Theo Čož
Ilustration: Zarja Menart
Animators: Zarja Menart, Matic Perčič, Jernej Žmitek 
Music: Ansambel Vedun, Peter Napret - citre
The project manager for Žirovnica Institute for Tourism and Culture: Matjaž Koman
Coordination on set: Petra Kržan, ZTK Žirovnica
Help with coordination of the project: Urška Aljančič
Producer: Jure Vizjak
Executive producer: Sandra Ržen, Maja Zupanc
Production: Invida d.o.o. 

Maing of this film was made possible by Town hall Žirovnica and Žirovnica Institute for Tourism and Culture




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