MURI THE CAT miniseries

<strong>MURI THE CAT</strong> miniseries
  • Title: Muri the Cat
  • Year of release: 2013, 2017, 2018, - in production
  • Type: 3D, 5 x 11', 3+
  • Export: 16:9, DCP, h264, c, dialog, EN subs, 3+
  • Directed by: Boris Dolenc (1), Jernej Žmitek (2, 3)
  • Writen by: Jernej Žmitek, Sandra Ržen, Boris Dolenc, Jernej Celec (3)
  • Art director: Matej Lavrenčič


The story of our Mury the Cat miniseries revolves around renowned poet and writer Kajetan Kovič's beloved literary creation, Mury the Cat. The series incorporates songs from the well known musical album about Mury, as performed by Neca Falk. It combines this classic soundtrack with the established but visually reimagined characters and fresh new twists, that will put a smile on any viewer's face, regardless of age.

In the altogether five (5) episodes, we'll journey to Cat City, starting on a very special day - Missy's birthday.

In first episode, the day begins as usual: "...listen now, the clock is striking, time for Mury to be waking..." Luckily, Mury has his friend Miki the inventor to remind him to wish Catsy a happy birthday. Mury wants to surprise her with something special, so he invites her for lunch. Catsy enthusiastically accepts..


In the second episode, Mury takes a stroll to the main square, where he has a date with Catsy. On the way there, he's the victim of a little prank by the rascal Cheeky, who "hides his face behind a cloak, in his paws the crackers smoke." Lucky for Mury, his stroll ends on a happy note, as they finally head to lunch with Catsy.

In the third episode, we meet Cat City's greatest chef - Jean, who fries "livers and the brain, roasting fish, cooking crabs, fancy steaks and posh sauces." When it's time for lunch, however, Jean bolts out of his restaurant, scared for his life. It turns out the place is supposedly haunted! A courageous group of cats led by Mury decide to save the day, and not a moment too soon - everyone, including Catsy, is very hungry.

The fourth and fifth episode are currently on their way.

The colourful residents of Cat City are voiced by a cast of noted Slovenian actors:

Mury - Marko Mandić, Catsy - Polona Juh, Cheeky - Jernej Šugman, Mickey - Alojz Svete, Mark - Janez Hočevar, Charlie - Bojan Emeršič, Timmy & Tommy - Jure Zrnec, Mica - Violeta Tomič, Liza - Nina Valič, Jean - Ivo Godnič.

Team of creators:

Based on a book: Mury the Cat, Kajetan Kovič
Music: from the album Maček Muri in Muca Maca, Jerko Novak, Lado Jakša, vocals by Neca Falk
Lead animators: Matic Perčič, Jeremy Evans
Editing: Jernej Žmitek
Sound design and mix: 100 d.o.o.
Producers: Jure Vizjak, Polona Kumelj, Maja Zupanc, Jaka Oman (1)
Production: Invida d.o.o.
Coproduction: RTV Slovenija, Ealin (CZ)
Co-financier: Slovenian Film Centre
Distributor: Invida d.o.o. |






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