Fortissimo Project Partner Meeting Marks a Year of Successful Work

Fortissimo Project Partner Meeting Marks a Year of Successful Work


In the beautiful Polish city of Poznań, a meeting of all partners of the two-year Creative Europe project, Fortissimo, has taken place. The working meeting marked a good year of work on the project, which will reach its conclusion in February next year.

We are delighted to participate in the development of this exciting new digital educational project, whose main goal is to introduce children to the world of classical music. Our task is to provide animations and 360-degree videos that will enable children to have an in-depth VR listening experience tailored to their needs.

Fortissimo is designed as a top-notch interactive digital tool that incorporates elements of serious games, music history, literacy, and cognition to create an appealing and fun learning experience. The project, supported by Creative Europe, will be available in eleven languages and accessible through ministries of education, educational institutions, orchestras, and opera houses.

Together with 23 partners from different countries, we are part of this innovative initiative aimed at improving children's intellectual abilities in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Fortissimo represents the first educational project of its kind, and we believe that with an interesting and attractive holistic approach, we will transform the way children learn about music.

You can view some snapshots from the meeting in the photo album.

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