<strong>2D ANIMATION 3 min</strong> TNP

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Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 3

In cooperation with the Triglav National Park, as part of the LIFE NATURAVIVA Biodiversity - Art of Life project, we have developed a new 2D animated video that primarily addresses young mountain visitors and warns about inappropriate mountain behavior.

Graphic style for 2D animation was already developed in 2016 ( 'Let nature seduce you', Mobility in the mountains). This time, we added two new characters: Mountain Guard Gams and his Air Assistant, Eagle. We have retained the main character traits and developed a script that instructively demonstrates how we can admire nature without harming it.

From the first meeting, through the design of the synopsis, Invida has been able to listen to our demanding wishes. When designing new characters and animation, they worked extremely constructively, consistently and reliably. With excellent cooperation, we have come to the final product with which we have reached the desired target groups, both children and adults, and we are very satisfied as clients. - Mojca Pintar, Project Manager

Creative team:
Script and concept: Jernej Žmitek, Polona Kumelj
Director, editor and lead animator: Jernej Žmitek
PM and creative producer: Polona Kumelj

Invida, 2019


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