Educational animated film - Used oil recycling Invida

<strong>Educational animated film - Used oil recycling</strong> Invida

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Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 2

By using cartoon characters, it is possible to draw attention to more challenging topics and bring them attractively closer to children.

We have developed a new character for Komunala Slovenska Bistrica, that points out the common mistakes in the disposal of waste oil and presents the correct procedure for its collection and the possibilities of reuse.

The correct classification of various wastes and their recycling, the handling of waste oils and their usefulness for new purposes, and the demonstration of the operation of water treatment plants are just some of the topics that are presented. Caring for the environment is a shared responsibility, but it is children who often influence the habits of the elderly, so educational animations of this type are suitable for raising awareness among the general public.

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