Misija mlada kohezija - TV intro RTV Slovenija

<strong>Misija mlada kohezija - TV intro</strong> RTV Slovenija

Stock status: available

Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 2

The underlining idea for the opening credits of the "Misija Mlada kohezija" segments for the shows "Podjetno naprej" and "Dobro jutro" focuses on young individuals who represent good practices in different EU countries in relation to cohesion policy.
The youthful concept in the credits itself features silhouettes of characters without facial details that the young target audience can identify with. Objects appear around them, symbolizing the various areas in which the cohesion policy encourages youth action: green energy, digitization, agriculture, innovation, and culture. Lines in individual frames interact with different objects, as cohesion policy revives the economy and encourages innovation. The colorful playful candy colors follow the current trends in promotions and address the young audience and round off the overall image of the 3D animation that was produced using Unreal Engine 5.

Creative team:

Graphics: Tilen Javornik
Animation: Jernej Žmitek
Executive producer: Maja Zupanc
Producer: Jure Vizjak
Production: Invida


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