WEASEL short animated film

<strong>WEASEL</strong> short animated film
  • Title: Weasel
  • Year of release: 2016
  • Type: 2D
  • Export: 16:9, DCP, h264, c, 11’35’’, 7+
  • Directed by: Timon Leder
  • Writen by: Timon Leder, Kaja Balog
  • Art director: Timon Leder


A hungry Weasel attacks a flock of birds living on the last standing tree. The flock in the treetop is trying to keep the tree in balance, while the persistent Weasel tries to climb up its trunk. The fragile balance of the tree is in danger and the Weasel's stomach keeps getting louder. It manages to climb into the trunk and induces panic and fear in the treetop. But then a catastrophe turns into something completely unexpected.


More than 30 official selections worldwide.

Team of creators:

Lead animator: Timon Leder
Animators: Zarja Menart, Lea Vučko
Editing: Liezete Upite
Music: Mateja Starič, Matija Krivec
Sound design: Mateja Starič, Julij Zornik, 100 d.o.o.
Producer: Jure Vizjak

Co-production: RTV Slovenija
Co-financier: Slovenian Film Centre
Distributor: Invida d.o.o.  | info@invida.tv






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