EMBRIO short live-action film

<strong>EMBRIO</strong> short live-action film
  • Title: EMBRIO
  • Year of release: 2008
  • Type: live action
  • Export: 16:9, c, dialogue
  • Directed by: Boris Dolenc
  • Writen by: Boris Dolenc, Sandra Ržen
  • Art director: /


The movie Embrio shows the personal story of two lonely and completely alien characters. The main characters, Tim and Dana, decide to sacrifice human life for a "child project", which, in a completely unsocial society, means only a status symbol to them. Tim is faced with a difficult decision to make, because of the New Births Act, he has to execute his father to have a new child, with whom he has the only true, genuine bond.

Embryo from invida on Vimeo.


Uroš Furst, Tjaša Železnik, Marjana Brecelj, Andrej Nahtigal, Tomaž Gubenšek, Lila Furst, Frenk Grdin, Nobert Prettenthale


DP: Miloš Srdić
Production: AGRFT, RTV Slovenija in Invida

Producer: Jure Vizjak




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