ZIPPITY ZAPPITY short animated film

<strong>ZIPPITY ZAPPITY</strong> short animated film
  • Title: Zippity Zappity
  • Year of release: 2014 
  • Type: 2D 
  • Export: 16:9, DCP, h264, c, SI, EN subs, 15’, 7+
  • Directed by: Boris Dolenc, Jernej Žmitek 
  • Writen by: Boris Dolenc, Zarja Menart
  • Art director: Zarja Menart


The short animated film Zippity Zappity takes us on a fairytale journey when one Monday morning, two little witches Kuštra and Štumfa decide to skip school. They avoid a scary appointment with the dentist and rather go off to search for their lost cat Packo. On their bewitched path through space and time they meet Brihta, a potion expert, who uses an ancient recipe to brew them his newest creation. He joins them on a magical quest and together they conquer challenges they meet on the way. But in the world of magic, there are no rules like in the ordinary world. If you don't like Mondays, you can jump into Tuesday, you can enchant your evil neighbour, shorten long roads and paint your bad mood away. And yet; not even a wizard can escape the dentist for too long. Doctor Škrbec sets them straight. As it turns out, though, he's not just an ordinary doctor...

The story of Zippity Zappity was based on 'Cipercoperček', a children's book written by Ida Mlakar and illustrated by the gifted illustrator Zarja Menart, who is also responsible for its creative design.

Voices: Klemen Slakonja, Jernej Šugman, Jana Zupančič, Ajda Smrekar


Animateka 2014 - Creative Europe Slon programme audience award
Festival of Slovenian Film 2015 - Vesna award for best animated film


Lead animator: Zarja Menart
Animators: Jernej Žmitek, Toni Mlakar, Zarja Menart, Matej Lavrenčič, Timon Leder, Jernej Lunder
Editing: Jernej Žmitek
Music: Matevž Lavrinc
Sound: Julij Zornik, 100 d.o.o.
Producer: Jure Vizjak

Financial support: Slovenian Film Fund 
Distributor: Invida d.o.o.  |






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