<strong>THE DEEPEST MAN IN THE SWIMSUIT</strong> documentary film
  • Title: Najgloblji Zemljan v kopalkah
  • Year of release: 2017
  • Duration: 73'
  • Type: documentary film
  • Language: Slovenian, Croatian
  • Export: 16:9
  • Directed by: Sandra Ržen 
  • Writen by: Sandra Ržen 


The Deepest Man in the Swimsuit is a new feature-length documentary by multi-award-winning director and diver, Haidy Kancler.

It features the first Slovene who dived 101 meters deep with just one breath, and who is among the ten best freedivers in the world.

Najgloblji Zemljan na svetu

Jure Daić, civil engineer, father of two children, husband, friend, son, who is no stranger to human transience since the loss of his brother, decided to move his own and raise the depth limit. With one breath, he dived to 111 meters in the ancient Greek discipline of skandalopetri, where a diver dives to depth only with the help of a stone. No one has gone so deep before him. The journey "into the depths" was marked by overcoming the power of nature, the human factor, responsibility and one's own fear. The observational documentary film invites us to relive the adventure with both the bitterness and the beauty of both the above and the underwater world.

Director and scriptwritter: Haidy Kancler
Director of photography: Haidy Kancler
Sound recording: Tone Stojko
Sound design: Samo Jurca
Producers: Haidy Kancler, Jure Vizjak
Production: Invida d.o.o.




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