TALES FROM THE DRAFT documentary series

<strong>TALES FROM THE DRAFT</strong> documentary series

Forgotten stories that will change the way you look at history.

  • Title: Tales from the draft
  • Year of publication: 2024
  • Ganre: documentary series
  • Export: 6 x 20'
  • Author of the conceptual design: Maja Zupanc
  • Director: Urban Zorko
  • Screenwriter: Iza Strehar
  • Creative director: Eva Mlinar
  • Lead animator: Tilen Javornik


The documentary series Tales from the draft aims to present events from the past of Slovenian history in a fresh and modern way - far from dry textbook historiography, but with a great deal of attention to historical facts. The series fascinatingly introduces us to those forgotten events and people who made us and our cities what we are today.

Each of the six episodes will tell incredible stories that many of us have already forgotten, while perhaps some of us never knew about them. Do you know the story about the young Emil Adamič and Rudolf Lundro, who were shot for no reason on the steps of the Ljubljana market? Did you know the story behind the sweet Šumi candies and that Josipina Šumi, one of the first women who took over the company in the 19th century, is responsible for their existence?

Through the interviews of historians/narrators, the event unfolds 'live' in front of us, and our interlocutors (historians) present it as if they were its actors themselves. The visual style of the animation consists of a collage of real archival materials with additional modern elements.

Creative team:

Author of the conceptual design: Maja Zupanc
Screenwriter: Iza Strehar
Animation script: Urban Zorko, Miha Šubic

Director: Urban Zorko
DOP: Darko Sintič
Editor: Miha Šubic
Sound: Simon Štimat
Camera assistant: Žiga Sagadin
Gafer: Miha Skrt, Nace Tomat, Aleks Vuga, Blaž Sluga, David Drenški
Mask: Lea Behek, Marjeta Duhani
Scenography: Katarina Rižnar, Eva Slana, Tim Cestnik
Colorist: Jure Teržan
Sound design: Matic Berus, Miha Rudolf, Peter Žerovnik

Creative director: Eva Mlinar
Illustrations: Eva Mlinar, Maruša Štibej
Lead animator: Tilen Javornik
Animators: Aleš Berčič, Jan Čurin, Ana Paternoster, Jernej Žmitek
Intro design: Tilen Javornik

Producers: Jure Vizjak, Maja Zupanc
Co-producer: Julij Zornik
Co-financer: Slovenian Film Center, Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia

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