<strong>THE DIARY OF PAULINA P.</strong> film

Brave and witty Paulina tells everyone her opinion and finds a solution to every problem. Croatian film and book bestseller of the year, synchronized into Slovenian.

  • Title: The Diary of Paulina P.
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Type: film with 2D animaton
  • Export: 96'
  • Director: Neven Hitrec
  • Scriptwriters: Dora Delbianco, Ivan Turković-Krnjak
  • Director of animation: Jernej Žmitek
  • Creative director and lead animator: Tilen Javornik


This is a story about Paulina P. in which we follow her adventures in class and at home, as well as all the problems she successfully overcomes during the school year. The movie is based on a famous children's book in which she talks about her friendship, love, and family-related problems through comic situations. The plot of the movie itself is set in the real world, with a touch of "magic".

Dnevnik Pauline P._trailer Slovenija from Jaka produkcija on Vimeo.

Creative team:

Director: Neven Hitrec
Scriptwriters: Dora Delbianco, Ivan Turković-Krnjak
Based on a book by: Sanja Polak
DOP: Dragan Marković Markoni

Director of animation: Jernej Žmitek
Creative director and lead animator: Tilen Javornik
Animation and compositing: Anja Lavrinec, Matic Perčič, Jošt Šeško, Aleš Berčič
Project manager: Maja Zupanc, Blaž Gregorin
Co-producers: Jure Vizjak, Maja Zupanc

Invida, 2023




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