WEBSTERS animated series

<strong>WEBSTERS</strong> animated series
  • Title: Websters
  • Director: Katarína Kerekesová
  • Genre: 3D animated series
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 6 x 10-12'
  • Format: 1920 x 1080
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Color: Colorful
  • Sound: Stereo


The Websters are a spider family that lives in a corner of a lift machine room. The Websters' world is wide, created to the smallest detail. Friends, school, the distribution centre for canned flies, the shopping mall, their eating habits and history events. The Webster's family is big – grandma and grandpa, mum and dad, two children – Hugo and Lili. The stories are built around the main character – Lili, but all members of this family have their own topics to solve. Just like in any human family – the life in this spider family is also full of mistakes and wrong expectations. We would like to tell everyday life stories to help children find the understanding, forgiveness and offer them right models for expressing their feelings and emotions. Because THE STRONGEST NET IS YOUR FAMILY!

ep. 20 - Baby girl
Mami, Lili and Hugo play the game "spider, don't be angry". Lili wants to win and mommy helps her do that. This doesn't seem right to Hugo, so he cancels his promise to teach his little sister to skateboard. Lili is a bitch, and the neighbor's baby, Cvetka, comes to look after the Pajkos as well. Lili isn't thrilled about it either. But at night, Lili rescues Cvetko, who wanders into the elevator shaft in her sleep, and that's how they get closer. In the morning, they play amicably and Hugo also finds time to teach Lili how to skateboard.

ep. 21 - Carnival
Lili would like to be a butterfly for Halloween, but unfortunately she can't, because the eggshell that is part of her costume is accidentally crushed. That's why he and his grandmother go on a carnival wrapped in a cocoon. But the grandmother gets so involved in the fun that she rolls into the gap between the cabinets and gets stuck. But how will Lilia's friends get her back to safety? Will anyone come to their aid?

ep. 22 - Flight to the moon
Many years ago, Dedi assembled his own rocket and module to fly to the moon. She shows it to Hugo, who is so impressed with them that they go on a long journey. Lili also joins them. But the next evening, they realize that not everything went according to plan. Is there still time to make up for lost time?

ep. 23 - in making

ep. 24. - in making

ep. 25. - in making

Creative team:

Scriptwriters: Katarína Kerekesová, Anna Vašová
Director: Katarína Kerekesová
Sound: Martin Merc, Ali Kobielsky
Editing: Matej Beneš
Artist: Boris Šima
Graphics: Paľo Ďurak
Scenography: Hugo Nágela, Peter Košťál, Miro Veselko
Production manager: RTVS Jozef Fülöp
Executive producer: RTVS Helena Osvaldová
Chief playwright: RTVS Vladimir Balko

Animation director: Andrej Gregorčok
3D animation: foreign authors, Jošt Šeško, Matic Perčič

Translation: Darinka Koderman Patačko
Lyrics of the opening song: Nina Dekleva
Sound: Ajk Vremec
Synchronization director: Nana Milčinski
Edited by: Martina Peštaj

Production: Fool Moon, RTVS - Radio and Television of Slovakia, Invida, 13ka
Co-production: RTV Slovenia
Co-financier: Audiovisual Fund / Audiovizualny fond

Invida, 2022






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