The Muri miniseries received two professional awards DSAF 2020

The Muri miniseries received two professional awards DSAF 2020


Yesterday, the online awards ceremony of the Slovenian Animated Film Society took place via the online media, where the fourth episode of the miniseries Muri - Tekma received two awards; Jernej Žmitek Award for Best Director and Matic Perčič Award for Best Animation Technique.

We are very proud of our team for all the effort and talent it invests in quality animations for children. The biggest prize for us will always be praise from our young audience, who with their laughter and good will always motivate us for even newer and better episodes of the adventures of the cat Muri.

We would like to thank our entire team, co-financiers of the Slovenian Film Center and director Nataša Bučar, co-producers of RTV Slovenia and Martina Peštaj, our foreign co-producers Eallin and producer Martin Hovorka, studio 001 and Julij Zornik, musicians Jerko Novak, Lado Jakša and Tone Sto Neci Falk, to all the wonderful actors who breathed life into our characters and last but not least the writer Kajetan Kovič, for inspiration.

Thank you all and we will do our best to keep you excited!