A guide to sustainable mobility - ITM

A guide to sustainable mobility - ITM


A guide to sustainable mobility with a set of four thematic documentary shows was created in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia, Zavod Vozim and Invida Production. The change in our travel habits is of great importance and is based on using the potential of walking, cycling, renovating public passenger transport and optimizing or calming road motor traffic. Jože Robežnik, who is himself a big supporter of green mobility, took us through good practices in Slovenia. We visited primary schools, companies and individuals who adapted to the increase in traffic in their own original way and thereby ensured a more sustainable future.

You can watch all episodes here.

1. Walking

 2. Cycling

3. Public transportation

4. Generators of traffic

Creative team:

Host: Jože Robežnik
Script: Sandra Ržen, Haidy Kancler, Maja Zupanc
Directing: Haidy Kancler
Camera: Timotej Vrtnik, Nejc Novak
Design: Tilen Javornik
Animation: Jošt Šeško, Aleš Berčič
Editing: Haidy Kancler, Maja Zupanc
Sound design: 100
Producer: Jure Vizjak
Executive producer: Maja Zupanc
Production: Invida
Project backers: Ministry of Infrastructure, European Union - Cohesion Fund, Zavod Vozim, Invida