2D ANIMATION: Clean water Drop JKP Grosuplje

<strong>2D ANIMATION: Clean water Drop </strong> JKP Grosuplje

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Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 3

In assosiation with Public utility company Grosuplje, we developed and produced 2D animated story for kids from 3-6y. 

Our mission was to show in a simplyfied was how a water treatment plant works. We created story about a DROP who wants to clean herself. On her way to a treatment plant she is accompanied with a LEAF who encourages her and exlaines to a viewer what is going on and where are they. In the end DROP comes back to the nature as clean as ever and continues on her 'water-cycle' journey. We conclude story with 5 tips to keep water clean. We also created a simple song.

Čista voda je zaklad,
vsak od nas ima zelo jo rad.
Vsak dan skupaj poskrbimo,
da tudi jutri jo dobimo!

Our service included:

- creative concept 
- scriptwriting and directing
- visual/graphic design
- 2D animation
- sound recording and mix

Creative team:

Script: Polona Kumelj, Jernej Žmitek
Directing: Jernej Žmitek
Design: Tilen Javornik
2D Animation: Invida
VO actors: Gaj Trček, Mojca Fatur

VP and creative producer: Polona Kumelj

Invida, 2019


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