2D PROMO: Invasive Alien Species TNP

<strong>2D PROMO: Invasive Alien Species</strong> TNP

Stock status: available

Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 3

In cooperation with the Triglav National Park, as part of promoting awareness of non-native invasive species in Slovenia, we have prepared a fun and educational 2D animation where we explore some of the most widespread invasive plants and animals in Slovenia with our already known heroes.

We have already developed a complete graphic design and main characters in 2016 in the bench of the project 'Let nature seduce you', Mobility in the mountains. We have retained the main character traits of the main three characters and developed a scenario that instructively demonstrates how we can admire nature without harming it.

Creative team:
Script: Jernej Žmitek, Polona Kumelj
Directing, editing, lead animator: Jernej Žmitek
Design and animation: Anja Rupar, Tilen Javornik
Creative producer and PM: Polona Kumelj

Invida, 2019


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