Info4EU - TV intro RTV Slovenija

<strong> Info4EU - TV intro</strong> RTV Slovenija

Stock status: available

Category: Video production
Difficulty level: Level 1

In the past, we have prepared some intros for RTV Slovenia with the inclusive development of a corporate graphic image.

This time we do it for the informative contributions of the Info4EU section. We have prepared a 10-second introductory TV show, which, with a selection of words, symbolic puzzles and selected content of the recordings, summarizes the values of cohesion policy, which are common to the projects presented in the informative articles.
At the request of the client, intro was prepared in two color variations.

Creative team:
Screenplay consulting, copy, storyboard: Polona Kumelj
Animation, editing: Jernej Žmitek
Graphic image: Tilen Javornik
Project manager: Polona Kumelj

Invida, 2021


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