Multimedia content for the Geo info centerPapuk

<strong>Multimedia content for the Geo info center</strong>Papuk

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Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 3

PAPUK Nature Park is a protected natural area and also part of the UNESCO network. At the end of 2021, a GEO-INFO center was opened in the nature park, which presents its geological, biological and cultural-historical heritage with a variety of multimedia content. With its natural resources and beauty, it is already attracting visitors, and with the new center, they expect even more visits from primary and secondary school groups, the academic community and all nature lovers and excursions.

With several partners, we joined the project as designers and production studio for the implementation of multimedia content.
We have prepared:
- interactive screens or touch screens;
- VR content to experience prehistory;
- 15 min movie for 5D cinema.

This project was certainly one of the most demanding that our team undertook. Preparing content for multi-year presentation to a diverse audience is a major challenge.
Our work included:
- coordination of all scenarios and artistic / graphic designs;
- preparation of all graphics and models, rigs for animation;
- animation implementation (all types: 2d cut-out, frame-by-frame, 3D animation) for 5D film and VR;
- programming VR presentations;
- content preparation and programming of interactive screens: various content with photos, animated graphics and games;
- the idea and implementation of an earthquake simulator in the lobby of the center.

In addition to a large amount of content and coordination, we also started production with software that is mainly used for the production of video games - Unreal Engine (UE).


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