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Mickey Mouse, The Pink Panther, Shrek... The names of these animated legends are instantly linked to their iconic appearance. We can do the same with your company, project or product.

Video animation allows us to craft your story using a carefully selected design or illustration. As a result, the product is deliberate and tailored to your ideas, which conveys your story in an even more unique way. The more visually impressive and dynamic the animation, the easier it will be for the viewer to remember and connect it to you.

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Promotional video

If you wanted to personalize your brand, what sort of look would you go for? We'll help you make these decisions and weave a story into your promotional/promo animated video.

We suggest the following approach:

  • 2D or 3D video animation

Product video

The animated product video portrays the benefits of using your product or service in an illustrative way, literally. Showcasing a products' qualities and capabilities is always more effective when done graphically.

We suggest the following approaches: 

  • animated infographics
  • 2D or 3D animation 
  • motion graphics

Explainer video

In explainer video we can get your point across clearly and memorably. We'll highlight key solutions and tips in a way that is both concise and understandable, which is what users will appreciate the most.

We suggest the following approaches:

  • animated infographics
  • 2D video animation

Educational video

Video animation is a popular choice for educational and e-learning video content. We'll make your presentation even more interesting and useful, as it is easier for people to remember visual content.

We suggest the following approach:

  • animated infographics

Interactive content

When attracting visitors at a convention, introduce your brand in a fun and interactive way. We develop fun and educational content that'll draw a crowd and help you present your offer.

We suggest the following approaches:

  • animated infographics
  • 2D video animation

Gaming animation

The devil is in the detail. This is especially true for apps and mobile games. Even when it's not a key element, quality video content is often the key to a memorable impression and a successful game.

We gained a lot of experience with in-app animation and promotional videos for gaming content.



Video animation is an extremely versatile and effective form of storytelling. Visually it can be simple and clean, or stylized and cartoony; it will depend entirely on your story, message and a type of video you need for your communication purposes.


PRODUCING YOURanimated video

You can entrust us with developing the entire creative concept!

This includes the story, script, visual concept, character design, environments and other graphic elements.
We can also incorporate your existing graphics into the animation.

We've designed a production process based on predetermined deadlines, goals and updates on the status of your product.


    Step #1

    Together, we'll determine the content, goals and deadline.


    Step #2

    We then begin work in four stages:

    • 1 Preparing the script  (3-7 days, the screenwriter prepares the text for narration and defines the action)
    • 2 Storyboard/animatic - if needed (2-5 days, framing individual scenes)
    • 3 Visual design Preparing the graphics (up to 10 days, designing your video's visual identity; characters, backgrounds and other elements)
    • 4 Animation and sound design (10 days- approximately, depending on the complexity of the project, type of animation, compositing and sound editing)

    Step #3

    We normally accommodate for two rounds of revisions per step.


    Step #4

    Final export of the animation in your preferred output format.


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    We'll inform you on the status of your project with regular updates. The final exports for your video and all the animation files are digitally stored for at least 5 years. Your video is also spotlighted on our web page as a reference.
    We'd be happy to include a testimonial statement about your satisfaction with the product.

Production TIMELINE

Video animation projects can differ wildly from one another- and so can their production time.

Animated content can be educational, aimed specifically at children - these are longer and more complex, as they require more storytelling expertise and knowledge of the target audience. Explainer videos and promotional content are normally shorter; we can develop a cleaner, simpler visual style that helps cut down on production time.

In our finished projects portfolio, we've assigned each of them a level. If you have any additional questions about the production of animated content, we're here to answer them.

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For 60 seconds of animation we require:



    Level 1

    1 - 2 weeks for 
    BASIC projects

    Level 2

    3 - 5 weeks for 
    MODERATE projects

    Level 3

    5 - 8 weeks for 
    ADVANCED projects

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