If you're looking for a gripping story, beautiful shots, dynamic editing and a choice selection of soundtrack... We're here to deliver only the best.

Video production is a creative and technical process that involves a large team of people, and thus requires a great deal of adaptability. When you turn to us for help, you'll find that the production of your video project can also be a fun and engaging time spent in good company.

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Trust our experienced team!

We can handle all of the preproduction organizing, plan and manage the shooting process, final cut and post-production (color correction, graphics animation, motion tracking, special effects, etc.)

With many years of experience, we can consult you on decisions regarding style, individual shots, video length... We're always available to address any of your questions or second thoughts


    Step #1

    Together, we determine the content, goals and deadlines.


    Step #2

    We determine the message (script), purpose and the format of your video (length, text, sound, type and quantity of the final exports).


    Step #3

    Shooting day! We appreciate if you are present on set.


    Step #4

    We take care of the editing and post-production of the picture and sound. We normally accommodate for two rounds of revisions for editing, graphics and text.


    Step #5

    We hand over the final export :)



PROFESSIONAL film production

We can join you in the earliest stages of developing your idea and content, or offer collaboration during specific individual steps; script, shooting, editing, post-production or video graphics for pilot series, live action short and feature film or documentaries. 



We include the selected director in the earliest stages, as well as make other essential preparations (moodboard selection, casting and location scouting). The production of TV ads is normally very hectic, and the schedule is tight. Don't worry - we're accustomed to the pace, and will have every aspect under control.


ON-LINE advertising

Your production is in the hands of a well-coordinated team, as work and communication needs to be quick and responsive. First, we determine the basic elements of the shoot (cast, mood) and the director works with you to finalize the story's details. Then; we jump into action.


CORPORATE, promo & product videos

The script is handled by our in-house production team. We'll help you develop the story, and determine the video's core message based on your brief and existing marketing material. After the storyboard is approved, we set the date and length of the shoot.


COMMON EXAMPLES of video production

Video production is one of the possible ways to develop the most popular form of media - video. We use it when showing real-life depictions is the best way to convey your message. This can mean a TV ad, YouTube video, company introduction, event coverage, music video or film. A picture is worth a thousand words. Let yours be exceptional!



  • 1. Double backup of all material.

  • 2. Editing.

  • 3. Sound design.

  • 4. Final VO recording + sound mix

  • 5. Color grade

  • 6. Final export (ProRes, h264, DCP, mp4, ...)

All of the recorded or graphically created footage as well as final exports are digitally stored for at least 5 years. Your video is also spotlighted on our web page as a reference. We'll also happily include a testimonial statement about your satisfaction with the product.


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