• Title: DUMBHEADS
  • Release: - in development
  • Type 3D, 26 x 3', 5+
  • Export: 16:9
  • Directed by: Jernej Žmitek 
  • Writen by: Jernej Žmitek, Matic Perčič
  • Art director: open position



Robots BLU and RED are repairing their crash-landed ship on an unknown tropical island. While looking for the missing parts, they’re hindered by the local wildlife, which they’ve never seen before. 

3D animated series DUMHEADS is new advanture for our studio.

The scenarios centre around the misadventures of two robots, stranded on a planet which could be Earth, trying to reassemble their rocket-ship. With the help of advanced gadgets, they look for the scattered engine parts across the island. Because they’re aliens, they’re completely oblivious to the island’s dangers, which makes them end up in unusual predicaments. To make things even more interesting, the robots’ personalities are polar opposites - RED is easygoing and good-natured, whereas BLU is grumpy and temperamental.

Genre: slapstick comedy
Lenght: 3 min



Pilot episode - author: Matic Perčič

DUMBHEADS-Operation Chameleon (pilot episode) was created by Matic Perčič in 2018 as a personal project. It was sent to over 20 festivals and excepted very well with kids. It has also won two awards so far. So we decided to turn it into a proper series, 3-minute slapstick comedy.


We have a plan to upgrade existing characters, develop new worlds, animals, props, and stories. The first step is the new art and character concept. After that, we will translate everything in 3D and create the first episode based on existing script. Meanwhile, we will develop new stories for future episodes.


Right now we are looking for a CHARACTER DESIGNER AND ART DIRECTOR who will help us create an intriguing world and capture the essence of our main characters in their appearance. Later we will need other artists too. 

We will apply to an open call for development funding in our country and hopefully, receive enough financial support to provide a proper payoff for creative input. We invite you to collaborate with us in the meantime!


Development timeline

  • Visual /graphic style: February 2020 - August 2020
  • Production bible: May 2020 - May 2021
  • Teaser: April 2021 - June 2021

Pre-production/Production timeline:

  • Application for national call: realization of 1st episode: March/April 2021
  • Production of 1st episode: July 2021 - March 2022

2021/22: searching for co-producers and raising finances for production of 1st series: 26x3’


We always welcome new members to the team that can bring their knowledge and talent to the project. We'd love to collaborate with you and exchange knowledge, experience and hopefully one day - money :D

Don’t hesitate to contact us if this project sounds interesting to you!  We know we can create awesome things together!

Contact: - subject: DUMBHEADS 


Pilot episode and inicial idea: Matic Perčič
Author of existing sketches and collaborating illustrator: Tilen Javornik
Development team: Jernej Žmitek, Matic Perčič, Tilen Javornik, Polona Kumelj

Producers: Jure Vizjak, Polona Kumelj
Production: Invida d.o.o.
Co-production: /
Financial support: Slovenian Film Center (development of 2 scenarios in 2018/2019).
Distributer: /






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