Green penguin Iskraemeco

<strong>Green penguin</strong> Iskraemeco

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Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 3

Green penguin is a solution for smart cities that helps activate residents to co-create a low-carbon future.

As environmental problems are often caused by a lack of information and, perhaps, a lack of motivation in the long run, Iskraemeco has set out to develop a platform to address all these challenges: a wealth of information and advice on sustainable behavior will be gathered in one place. , and challenges or. tasks that promote sustainable behavior and help a cleaner environment - the impact of the individual will also be expressed visually, with the number of trees preserved due to reduced energy consumption.

We joined the project as a partner company and in 2021 we have already developed:
- the image of the Green Penguin
- published video content was created using Unreal engine (3D) and cut out animation (2D)

We really like the project. The idea is great, as is the team developing the idea. We do our best to advise and create video content that supports the company's communication and ignites interest where it appears.

Creative team:
Screenplay consulting, copy, storyboard: Polona Kumelj
Animation, editing: Jernej Žmitek
Graphic image: Tilen Javornik
Project manager: Polona Kumelj

Invida, 2021


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