WELCOME on our new web page

WELCOME on our new web page


Welcome to the new site of the production and animation studio Invida!

We redesigned the site to make it easier for you to review our projects and make it easier for you to contact us.
On the REFERENCES subpage, video animation - that is, 2D animated promotional videos, animated infographics, motion graphic and other 2D and 3D animation projects, as well as video productions projects are waiting for you - TV commercials, corporate and promotional films, and online videos. You can filter content on video production, video animation and interactive content to make it easier to review relevant projects. We have also identified 4 similar projects to each reference to further simplify your relevant search.

On the sub-sites of video production and video animation, we have presented to you in more detail the production process and the types of products that we usually produce. For any additional questions, we are available through the contact form.

On the IP films subpage, we present you our author projects - Invida is the largest animation studio in Slovenia that deals with computer 2D and 3D animation. Among our most recognizable projects so far are the Muri the Cat miniseries about the all-known Cat Muri, the short animated films Cipercoper/Zippity Zappity and Podlasica/Weasel, and our first 3D animated film in combination with live action- Palčica / Tumbelina. We have already received 4 awards for our author films. The films are distributed at festivals around the world.

We also present to you the projects we are currently developing and are working to present to viewers in cinemas, TV programs or online VOD platforms as soon as possible.

On the About Us page, some small statistics are waiting for you, as well as our contacts and studio address, where you are always welcome with your ideas and suggestions for new awesome video content.

We would be grateful if you would notify us if you find any error or defect on the page.

Otherwise, we wish you a happy browsing! When you are ready for a new project, you know where to find us :)
Your Invida team