<strong>2D ANIMATION: GUARDIAN</strong> Komunala Brežice

Stock status: available

Category: Video animation
Difficulty level: Level 3

In cooperation with the Public Utility Company Brezice, we developed a 2D animated video that teaches kids (7-10) how to properly handle waste cooking oil. After receiving the basic brief and goals of the project, we developed a creative concept that included a draft of the script and graphic images. We wanted to build the story on a YT influencer that points out the harmfulness of mistakenly deposited oil in nature. 

We graphically opted for a 'pop' style using emoticons that are popular with the audience. You can see the result at the link.

And client says:

We are excited about the cartoon, it was premiered at a press conference at Sevnica Castle, and it elicited a wave of excitement! Thank you for your extremely patient cooperation and I hope we continue our story soon. Jasmina Butara, Coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects, Public Utility Company of Brezice

Creative team:

Script and koncept: Jernej Žmitek, Polona Kumelj
Director, editor and lead animator: Jernej Žmitek
Design: Tilen Javornik
VP and creative producer: Polona Kumelj

Invida, 2019


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