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We produce quality animated content for children.

Since 2011, we've successfully released 8 independent animated films. We focus on producing animated content for a younger audience, and are developing animated TV series and short films for children of all ages.

As content creators, we're conscious of the responsibilities that come with producing children's entertainment. This is why our animated films receive special care. Our wish is to create fun, educational content, and impart important values such as an enthusiasm for knowledge, acceptance, respect and friendship.



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    3x Vesna award for best animation, Festival of Slovene Film

    Palčica/ Thumbelina 2009
    Wanted 2013
    Cipercoper/ Zippity-Zappity 2015


    1x Audience Award, IFAF Animateka

    Cipercoper/ Zippity-Zappity 2014, children programme

Projects in development


  • Mouse House

    Mouse House

    2D, 7’, 7+

    Director: Timon Leder

    Scriptwriters: Henri Angremy, Timon Leder

    Producers: Polona Kumelj, Jure Vizjak

    About: An endless supply of cheese must be every mouse's wish, along with a world without cats. What if, for a brief moment, it came true? What happens in the mind of someone who has it all? Do they forget about others, or share their fortune with their friends? Timon explores the relationships between people and conflicts that arise from the disparities of wealth and power.

    Status: production

    Financial support: Slovenian film center

    Release: september 2020

  • Flying Katy

    Flying Katy

    2D, 26x11’, 6-8

    Director: Jernej Žmitek

    Script: Maša Ogrizek, Jernej Žmitek

    Producers: Polona Kumelj, Maja Zupanc, Jure Vizjak

    About: This is a story about best friends - Katy and Justin. They're a couple of 8 years old, hanging out in their neighborhood. On the rooftop of the block, Katy and Justin have a secret base where they hang out, make plans, film videos, and follow their favorite celebrity role models. As they are faced by everyday challenges that may be ordinary, through their eyes are anything but. A mundane world becomes full of surrealistic adventures and absurd occurrences.

    Status: development 

    Financial support: Slovenian Film Fund

  • Dumbheads


    3D, 3’, 5+

    Director: Jernej Žmitek

    Script writer: Jernej Žmitek

    Producers: Polona Kumelj, Jure Vizjak

    About: Based on Matic Perčič's pilot of the same name Dumbheads, this sleekly designed slapstick comedy inspired us to expand it into a series. We're currently in the stage of concept development and perfecting preliminary scripts.

    Status: development

    Financial support: Slovenian film center (2 scripts)

    Release: /

  • Praslovan


    Documentary, 90’

    Director and scriptwriter: Slobodan Maksimović

    Producers: Polona Kumelj, Jure Vizjak

    About: Praslovan is a feature-length documentary film about the 40-year long career of musician Zoran Predin. It revolves around the hidden stories from Zoran's life and work. Some are fun, others very personal, as well as sad or even tragic. Because Zoran's nature is mischievous, so is the documentary. It's full of unexpected moments, metaphors, critiques and laughter. Such is the life of Zoran Predin.

    Status: securing funds

    Co-producer: RTV Slovenia (35%), Jaka Produkcija (HR)

    Release: 2021




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